Our PainRelief.cc Story

 History, Background, Stories, and Opportunities


George Dobrin Inventor
 George Dobrin 
 Creative Artist
 Pain Relief.cc Inventor 

 Owner Colloidal Products and Elange 


  • George's passion is music composition and television production which he started in the '70s and '80s.
  • Along his musical career, he started studying Electro-Analytical Chemistry and became very interested in a better way to deliver pain relief to joints and muscles.
  • As owner of Colloidal Products he invented in the 90's the special Pain Relief.cc formula using colloidal water to create a gel with natural active ingredients which provides more effective relief and deeper transdermal penetration than other pain creams or ointments. 
  • George mainly marketed and sold PainRelief.cc via his friends and family by mouth-to-mouth advertising and at the farmers market in Peachtree City, GA.
  • PainRelief.cc is FDA and NDC registered and produced in the USA.
Pain Relief.cc Gel


What is PainRelief.cc Pain Relieving Gel?

Why does PainRelief.cc work better than other pain creams?


A Preliminary Scientific Explanation of how Pain Relief.cc is Structured                                                                  

As the amount of electro charged fluid increases in a suspension, the electrical conductivity increases. In the living system, the bio-fluid of water is quite conductive. As a result, ordinary silica colloids that suspend unite well in pure water at low conductivity will not suspend well in bodily fluids.

When ordinary minerals reach the water in our bodies, they precipitate out of solution because of extremes in pH and conductivity in digestive fluids. Since colloidal mobility is severely limited under these conditions, these minerals cannot be transported to the cells where they are needed.

The unique way in which the standard natural ingredients (Menthol) etc. are mixed in Pain Relief.cc enables the gel to maintain it’s stability under extremes found in biological fluids.

Therefore enabling the gel to absorb faster and penetrate deeper than the standard herbs would under ordinary circumstances.

that is why " .cc " stands for colloidal cream 

 Abstract - Colloidal Delivery for Pain Cream

NSAIDs are the most commonly prescribed category of drugs for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and inflammation associated with many conditions. Topical administration of these drugs is always the best choice since adverse effects occur commonly with systemic NSAID therapy (pills). Colloidal drug delivery systems (CDDS) are interesting systems, which are able to improve the duration of drug residence in the skin and to allow an achievable drug sustained and controlled release compared to conventional topical formulations.


 Amazing Stories

This gel works so much better for joint pain, because of the special formula which penetrates deeply into the transdermal layer to get as closely as possible to the affected pain areas. Another benefit is that the gel is very gentle for the skin and has no other side effects.

- We heard about multiple stories from customers scheduled for surgery, but when they started using PainRelief.cc on a regular basis the did not need surgery anymore

- A customer had so much stiffness in her hands due to arthritis that she could not move them. Although the was using prescription medication it did not help and got into isolation and depression. After she started using the gel she could move her hand again after a couple of weeks and feeling much better in general

Pain Relief.cc was used in Military Hospitals, because other pain creams would cause burning when using a heat pads. Our gel does not burn and solved this problem

- Some Customers use it to apply on open wounds to improve healing without scars 

PainRelief.cc also works great for Horses 

Did you know that the musculoskeletal system from a horse is similar to that of humans? The difference is that a horse average weight is 1,200 lbs.

Our musculoskeletal system includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.

Over the years we have received many testimonials from horse owners to proof how the gel worked to relief arthritic pains and swelling.

Comparisons of humans to horses logically can start with the anatomy. We stand upright; horses stand prone on their four limbs. What we call our knees are the stifles of horses, and our heels or ankles are horses’ hocks. Our foot is their cannon bone, and from the fetlocks to the ground are our fingers and toes. Our fingernail is their hoof.

" If it works for a horse, it definitely will work for our joint and muscle pain"

" a horse doesn't lie" - the results prove it  

" it even works on joints for horses, imagine what it will do for you "

PainRelief.cc Revival 

Our Product is one of the best working pain relief creams on the market, but not always the best product is known to the people who really need it.

We want to change this and our Goal is to help as many people with pain as possible with this great product.


Dirk van Tuinen

Dirk van Tuinen

Project Manager

Owner Tune-IT 

Owner PainRelief.Healthcare


When Dirk learned about PainRelief.cc he was very impressed how well it works, the proven bio-scientific formula and amazing customer testimonials and he started building the PainRelief.Healthcare brand with e-commerce stores to help as many people with pain problems.


Next Steps - help needed with more promotion -

Until now this great pain reliever is not known by a larger audience.

We want to change that ...

Everyone should try it - and get the pain relief they deserve !

If you are interested to try this great working pain gel, we will send you a 2 OZ Promo Jar to try for yourself or share with family and friends. 

It is totally up to you to provide your honest opinion that it works better and delivers results

And if you feel as good about this product as us and you want to write about it, endorse or promote, please contact PainRelief.Healthcare at info@painrelief.healthcare or leave a message at 888-


There is more to come ...

George "Itka" collaborates closely with the Native Indian Tribes and continues to work on improving the Pain Relief.cc gel with the best new natural ingredients for even better results. The preliminary tests are very successful and we are exited to release new products in the near future.

George "Itka"

To be continued...