Relief Wrap Review

Relief Wrap is a plush wrap that offers heat therapy to your shoulders, neck, and back.

Does it actually work?

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Relief Wrap looks like a giant heating pad that is draped around your neck, shoulders, and back. It features weighted edges to keep it in place, and hold the unit directly against you.

You can choose among two heat or four massage settings. A magnetic clasp in the front keeps it in place while wearing it.

To use Relief Wrap, you simply drape it over your shoulders, and select the desired setting. We like the large size of Relief Wrap, which stretches the entire length of the back. The ability to choose from heat or massage is a unique feature that consumers will probably enjoy.

It should be noted that most massage units require some amount of pressure in order to deliver an acceptable massaging experience, and we’re not sure that merely draping this over the shoulders can offer enough pressure to satisfy most consumers. You may want to recline in a chair or even lie down on the unit in massage mode to get the most out of it.

The heat feature will feel like a large heating pad that is wrapped around the neck and back. We think most consumers will find that it works about as expected.

 thermapulse relief wrap

Overall, we like Relief Wrap. The inclusion of heat and massage into a single wrap is a clever and overdue design. You may have to use some external pressure to get the massage mode to work into your muscles, but that should be no problem for most users.


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Although it’s rare to find wraps like this that offer heat and massage, there is no shortage of heated neck/back wraps, ranging in price from about $20 to $50



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